HR Experts Ltd

HR Experts Ltd

HR Experts Ltd

• Do you find being in a responsible role is an isolating experience?
• Are you achieving success (however you define success), both as an individual and for your company?
• Is your team keeping up with adapting to continuous change?
• Are hidden agendas getting in the way of your business?
• Is training only skin deep?

Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching is a powerful tool to help you to develop the capabilities and self- awareness to achieve what you want. A coach will help you to focus on your abilities, set clear goals and then work with you to develop short and long term objectives to ensure you achieve them.

What We Offer

  • Coaching for managers which include a ‘critical friend’, someone who can help you deal with the loneliness and isolation felt by many in senior positions within a company.
  • Coaching for line managers to help them develop a range of people skills and to equip them with the capability to meet their business goals.
  • Coaching can give you the time and space to clarify thoughts and deliver inspirational solutions.
  • Coaching in team building skills to create high performing teams and to motivate people to achieve success together.

Benefits to our Clients Include:

  • A secure confidential sounding board for senior management
  • A in-depth understanding of the insurance industry
  • An alternative and appreciated approach to the development of both line managers and teams.
  • A supportive but challenging and objective relationship that will enable you to achieve more in the future.
  • A bottom line and results focused ‘ conscience’
  • Business and coachees’ objectives that are aligned with win/win results

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